Our technology solutions are designed to help you grow while safeguarding valuable and private information.

Your success hinges on your technology and the security behind it

Our unique approach to transformational problem solving is based on continuous innovation and best-practice.

Remote Technology Services

patient at home on a telehealth call with their doctor

As technology advances, we can advise you about options available that will deliver efficiencies to your organization. One area that has exploded has been the telehealth, or remote provider assistance, sector.

As patients look to their providers for more efficient and cost-effective methods for service, the expansion of telehealth offerings has increased the reliance upon connected devices. We design and support IT solutions that compound the security of remote connections between providers and users.

Your data and operations remain secure.

Device Management

doctor looking at medical records on an iPad

As part of our managed services, we provide a dedicated team to you that will supervise the installation, connection, operation, and maintenance of your entire IT network. From servers to tablets and specialized equipment, every addition or removal of a device includes

  • Expert collaboration and design of components and systems
  • Ordering and purchasing equipment through known and approved vendors
  • Installation of devices- this includes required and supplemental hardware and software
  • Configuration of equipment- incorporating the highest standards for security
  • Ongoing device and network risk and vulnerability assessments

The security of your devices is essential in order to offer the best health care IT services available. Our device management strategies reduce your risk and vulnerabilities while you are connected.

Secure Infrastructure and Data

nurse looking at online charts

Monitoring and maintaining a secure IT infrastructure and all the data within is one of the many ways we help to prevent outages and potential disruptions. We offer all of our customers’ security features that support

  • Advanced threat detection tools
  • Alarm and targeted response coordination
  • Remote operations and management
  • Segmentation and service hardening
  • Access controls and encryption

All of these are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring includes detailed performance and event logs delivered directly to your dashboard.

Risk Management and Analytics

engineer monitoring networks

Identifying vulnerabilities by using analytics increases response time and improves conditions across your organization. Avoid a disruption in services with our suite of risk management tools

  • Auditing and regular security reviews
  • Continuous compliance
  • Prioritization and discernment of risks
  • Mitigation implementation tools
  • Remediation guidance and strategies

Custom Information Technology Solutions

We help lower the risks of operating in an increasingly digital landscape