Have questions about designing and implementing custom technology solutions and how they'll benefit your organization? We have answers.

We help solve complex technology problems through secure, modern data platforms.

Our robust technology solutions can help organizations overcome challenges while improving daily operations.

How can technology assist in making my healthcare business more efficient?

With access to and the application of the latest technology, your business will be more efficient in several ways:

  • Non-stop security that protects data and service- our experts are dedicated to identifying and implementing the best methods available.
  • Continuous performance with real-time 24/7 support- we are here to manage your IT needs at around the clock.
  • Maintenance and compliance with zero disruption- we initiate and complete installation and updates without impacts on your day-to-day operations.

We suggest you explore the multiple ways in which our managed services can improve your bottom line- contact us now for more information.

How do you protect client data?

Oxnard Medical Services is trusted to protect and secure the integrity and confidentiality of data for many organizations. We do this by adhering to the requirements that safeguard personal information. As technology develops and access to digital channels and exposure increases, we use the most up-to-date methods to prevent accidental or malicious release of personal data.

What is IoT?

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is the digital connection between a network of devices. There may be hundreds of devices that need to communicate with each other in order to provide quick and effective customer service. Designing the appropriate network and infrastructure is the foundation for you to operate normally. We have built our business on creating strategies that keep your devices and accounts secure from data compromise.

Does Oxnard Medical Services have different levels of service?

We offer multiple levels of service. All of our solutions are designed specifically to fit our customers’ requirements. Because our solutions are custom built, each service we provide falls into a different service level category. The more services or complex solutions needed determine the band, or level, under which services will be categorized. One of the many benefits of custom solutions entails paying only for the services needed- nothing more and nothing less.

Why is data access and security important in the health care industry?

Physical and digital security for health care providers and users is essential to establishing the best services available. Technological threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day. Our customers rely on solutions that keep their operations secure from intrusion and theft. Oxnard Medical Services uses digital means to thwart malicious activity and to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

How can I get more information about the solutions you offer?

To get more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit our Portal page. From there you will find our contact information or you can complete the Information Submission Form. We look forward to speaking with you about designing a beneficial custom solution.

Custom Information Technology Solutions

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