About Us

Integrity and innovation are how we continue to move information technology forward, securely and safely.

Our focus is on technological advances while maintaining privacy and security

As technology improves, integration can become complicated in terms of data and system functionality.

We are all about embracing change and incorporating technological advancements into our solutions, which are designed with security in mind for use, especially within in the health care space. Even as we face these challenges, we remain compliant with regulations regarding privacy and security.

Oxnard Medical Services is very much invested in offering IT solutions that enhance and protect our customers’ day-to-day operations. We assist our customers in identifying and prioritizing strategies that mitigate risks and threats. As new avenues in technology add more layers of complexity to data strategy, storage, and security, we are the forefront of delivering cutting-edge IT services. Our solutions ensure that functional gaps are addressed and minimized appropriately.

Innovations in health care related fields have increased the number of connections between the tools and devices used on a daily basis. Our customers depend on technology to reliably connect multiple sites simultaneously. Health care IT infrastructure has to be designed around the availability to provide care and services on demand. There is no room for disruption.

A Dose of Prevention

With our advice and guidance, our customers are able to prevent exposure to vulnerabilities from inside and out. We understand the commitment it requires to institute and maintain data access and compliance. We have been establishing systems for our customers for years, so that they may offer the best and most comprehensive services to their customers as well.

We based our reputation on it.

Custom Information Technology Solutions

We help lower the risks of operating in an increasingly digital landscape